At Interliv Travel we take the spread and spread of COVID-19 very seriously. We care about our clients and are therefore determined to put their safety first. The following protocol has been created in accordance with the Mexican and international standards established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Tourism Organization (WTO).

A)   Before Customers Pick Up.

  • All vehicles will be washed and disinfected with organic products. Additionally, the units will be sanitized with sodium hypochlorite in order to destroy any pathogenic micro-organism.
  • All supplies used for cleaning and disinfection will be constantly washed in order to avoid cross contamination.
  • Every day, both drivers and guides will be subject to a temperature measurement with an infrared thermometer when they arrive at work. Those workers who show any signs of high temperature will be returned to their homes and placed in quarantine for 15 days.
  • Drivers and guides will be provided with masks and gloves that must be worn at all times during the operation of the tours.

B)  During the Pick Up and proceed of the Tours and Activities.

  • At all times, from the client’s pick up to the return to their hotel or meeting point, the drivers and the guides will use both masks and gloves as a mandatory procedure.
  • Before entering the vehicles, the personnel will take the respective temperature of each client with the infrared laser thermometer. In case of presenting a temperature higher than 38 ° (or what the Secretary of Health determines at the time), that person will not be allowed to start the tour to protect the health of other clients.
  • A “contact less” protocol will be applied, where the guide and driver will not have physical contact with clients. This will mean that the use of electronic coupons will be promoted.
  • At all times, both the guide and the driver must respect the social distance required by the Health authorities to avoid the spread of the virus and clients will be asked to maintain the distance between each other.
  • Clients will be asked to use both masks and gloves at all times (unless the Ministry of Health in Mexico or the SEDETUR protocol determine otherwise) and we will have additional personal protection equipment (PPE) on the vehicles in case customers request it or do not have their own.
  • On the regular (shared) tours there will be empty spaces to guarantee social distance between clients.
  • Every time the customer re-enter the vehicles (In the case of multi-stops derived from the tour or activity to be carried out), clients will be provided with antibacterial gel to wash their hands and will be asked to occupy the same place where they were sitting before making the stop.

C)  At locations.

  • We will work in coordination with museums, churches, archaeological sites and points of interest during the tours and activities to ensure that every location put in place the national and international sanitary measures and protocols and we will monitor their implementation.
  • In the event that a location or point of interest during the tour does not count or is not carrying out the healthy measures, it will be removed from the activity until it is guaranteed that hygiene protocols are followed to guarantee the safety of our clients.
  • In the case of tours that have lunch stops in a restaurant, it will be guaranteed that the establishment has cleaning protocols in the kitchen and food, constantly disinfecting the surfaces within the dining room and kitchen area. Additionally, all waiters, cooks and assistants must carry masks on a mandatory basis and the social distance between the tables within the restaurant will be guaranteed.
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