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Mexico City is a vibrant metropolis that boasts many exciting and interesting attractions. The city holds the record for having the most museums in the world. It also houses the best urban park globally, Chapultepec Park, which is even larger in size than New York’s Central Park. Additionally, it is home to the only royal castle in the Americas.

There are numerous activities to enjoy in Mexico City, ranging from visiting one of the most fascinating archaeological sites globally, Teotihuacan, the City of Gods, to paying a visit to the second most visited place in the Catholic world, just after Vatican City. You can also admire the floating gardens in Mexico City’s canals, similar to those in Venice, delve into the fantastic art of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, witness what is referred to as the best Mexican show in the world (Las Vegas-style), or take a day tour to one of the many colonial towns nearby.

Whatever your interest, Interliv Travel Mexico has it all. Come and enjoy one of our amazing tours to make your visit to Mexico City complete.


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